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NGC 520: Galactic Collision

This is a legacy video that primarily uses CCDStack and Photoshop with some PixInsight to process the data. Newer videos are found in the PixInsight Edition of the Cosmic Canvas. 


This tutorial totals 138 minutes of instruction as well as the raw data for the NGC 520 (16 hours). CCDStack, Photoshop CS5, and PixInsight are used to process the data.


Download the raw data for NGC 520 here.

Section 1
  • Introduction
  • Data Examination
  • Workflow analysis
  • Creation of Luminance
Section 2
  • Job Processor (script for RGB)
  • Create RGB image
Section 3
  • Deconvolution of Luminance
  • Scaling of Luminance Image(s)
  • Photoshop segue/theory
Section 4
  • Minor Wavelet Enhancement
  • Blending of Luminance in Photoshop
Section 5
  • LRGB Production
  • High Pass Filtering
Section 6
  • Lab Color Enhancement
Section 7
  • Multiplicative Contrast Enhancement
  • Noise Reduction
Section 8
  • Star Reduction (Liquify)