Master Classes 






Mostly Masks

This is the third major chapter of the Dimensions of Photoshop instructional video set. 

Here you will learn about the importance of masks, how to construct them, and how to use them in powerful ways. 



Section 1
  • A GOOD Introduction to Masks
  • Also shows Typing Text on a Path
18 minutes
Section 2
  • Object Masks and Noise Reduction
  • Modifying Output Levels of a Mask
20 minutes
Section 3
  • Object masks and Deconvolution (CCDStack)
  • Creating Two Versions of the Luminance Data
  • Blending in Photoshop
21 minutes
Section 4
  • PUZZLE: Use Mask Operations to Solve a Puzzle
15 minutes
Section 5
  • Alpha Channels and Masks = Selections
  • Channels Store Masks
33 minutes
Section 6
  • Minimum Filter Using a Star Mask
  • Creating a Star-Edge Mask
27 minutes
Section 7
  • Mask Construction of a Star Mask, Object mask and Threshold Mask
29 minutes